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My Most Recent Juicing Demonstration

Recently I was in Florida with Paul Nison, who was kind enough to invite us to speak in West Palm Beach, Florida.  I spoke about the importance of living LIFE first, naturally.  No chemicals in your foods, no artificial ingredients in foods, or artificial colors in your foods.  Please always read labels, and especially, if you have allergies, or your children have allergies this is of the utmost importance.

I also spoke about the importance of eating fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, legumes and herbs.  Fresh!  Juice everyday and surround yourself with salads by making your main meals out of large green salads.

I hope you enjoy the video. I dedicate it to you.

And just remember, I know that we cannot live

forever, but my deepest goal is to live my life as

healthily and joyfully as possible.  It’s our responsibility

to take care of ourselves to the best of our ability, and

to help our children  understand this virtue as well.

All the best to you!

Jay Kordich