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Jay’s Holiday Dozen Day Four Watermelon Juice

This is Day Four of 12 consecutive posts with Jay demonstrating how to make each juice recipe. Also included is nutrition and research information to compliment Jay’s choice of fruit and/or vegetable drinks.
Happy Holidays from all of us at JayKordich.com

Day Four – Watermelon

When drinking watermelon juice made with the skin and the white rind, your body is receiving beneficial nutrients not available if eating only the red part, known as the meat of the watermelon.

Important research about phyto-nutrient Citrulline

Most people avoid eating the white part of watermelon because it isn’t sweet tasting. Scientists have discovered the white rind has , one of the rising stars among the phyto-nutrients now being studied. The body converts citrulline to the amino acid arginine by using enzymes, and arginine works with the heart and circulation system to maintain a healthy immune system.

This citrulline-arginine relationship boosts nitric oxide which relaxes the blood vessels, the very same thing Viagra does. This helps with high blood pressure and other heart problems. Watermelon has been shown in the latest studies to lower blood pressure just as effectively as statin drugs do and with zero side effects.

Why should you care about Lycopene?

Watermelon is chock full of phyto-nutrients which are naturally occurring compounds that are bioactive, this means they react with the human body to trigger healthy reactions and healing. One of the stars of the phyto-nutrients is Lycopene.

Did you know there are higher concentrations of lycopene in watermelon than in tomatoes? We know lycopene is an anti-oxidant that protects the heart, the prostate and the skin. It’s an amazing nutrient for the body. Watermelons are also an excellent source of vitamin C, of beta carotene, great for potassium and magnesium.

The Secret for using a Juice Machine

Nobody eats the white rind of a watermelon, but you can juice it along with the red part and receive 100% of the food value. While citrulline is mostly in the white, it’s also in the red in smaller amounts along with lycopene and many other nutrients. Therefore if you can’t juice it, eat watermelon and still receive many benefits.

Here’s Jay using his PowerGrind Pro juice machine making a thirst quenching glass of watermelon juice.