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The Vegan Diet and Weight Lifting

I have been a vegetarian for 65 years. The vegetarian diet is by far better for long term body shaping, body building than flesh food (meat) diets, in my opinion. I have witnessed, for many many decades those who choose flesh food diets versus vegan/vegetarian diets and I can say that every vegetarian I knew back in the sixties worked out up until their 80′s, still have svelte bodies.  The flesh food eaters bloated up as they aged and most didn’t make it past 70 years old, and if they did, diet related diseases got the best of them.

Granted, life was different back in the sixties and perhaps the meat eating friends I had were also drinking and smoking, which I have noted most flesh food eaters smoke, drink and eat heavy red meats, as if it were some kind of magnetic cycle that attracts them to these kinds of foods and lifestyles.  These factors also need to be accounted for.

Here’s an example:

My dear friend, Carl Lewis won his 8th gold metal because I taught him about juicing six months beforehand back in the mid 1990′s.  It was the intake of heavy green juicing that gave him the endurance and fortitude to excel and win his 8th or 9th metal in the Olympics!

I am not a big fan of just body BUILDING to buff up your muscles, because in the long run, it’s better to focus on endurance body building via either a sport or general weight lifting. If we pump up too much, it causes imbalances in the body, because we need steroidal supplementation and/or unnatural tonics to keep our muscles expanded. Men or women who weight lift this way will struggle to be healthy, long term, because their muscles soon turn to toxic fat because they can’t keep up decades of this way of living. Once they stop the intense weightlifting, it all turns against them because the diet is flesh oriented, which is good for carnivore animals…they need super fast adrenaline to capture their prey, and then they consume the flesh, then sleep. They also only have very short intestinal tract … perhaps only three feet, compared to our 33 feet from mouth to rectum.  For example, carnivores do not live as long as the vegetarian animals such as elephants, horses, etc.,.

If you want a short life but you want to look like Jay Cutler, then go for it, but you will be cutting your lifespan in half if you eat a primarily flesh food diet with all the controversial supplementation that is required to keep a body like this. I KNOW these things, as when I was young, I was a very successful football player for USC and for the Green Bay Packers until I tore a large muscle in my right leg, which threw me out of the game forever.  I was foolishly eating steaks everyday because they were given to us during football training and during our season.  I soon became quite ill afterwards, ultimately getting bladder cancer that not just knocked me out of the game of football, but almost out of the game called LIFE, that is, until I met Dr. Gerson and he taught me about juicing.

I recommend green juicing (high proteins) with other protein such as seeds, quinoa, beans (soaked beforehand) and seaweeds such as Nori, tempeh, almond butters and almonds. These foods are all mostly complete in their 9 amino acid chains. And they work beautifully through the digestive tract….as humans we have 33 feet of intestines that foods need to go through in order to pass through our bodies in a bowel movement.

All flesh foods are NOT fiber, so therefore have a difficult time getting through the long chain of our intestines, and that’s why fiber is quite important for us humans.

I could go on and on….but suffice it to say, green juices make a fantastic tonic before and after your weight lifting exercises. Apple/Celery 50/50 meaning 50% apples to 50% celery make a fantastic replace of potassium/sodium balance for long term workouts.

I also recommend exercising outside, in Nature. If going to the gym is your only means, then I say do it, but if you have an opportunity to run outdoors, for example, or learn to play tennis, badmitten, golf…these sports also enhance other parts of our brain that deliver inner joy and the Vitamin D we desperate need in the wintertime that ONLY the sun can give us. Milk does not have natural Vitamin D in it…they have to fortify it with vitamins. Not only do we need the sun for the Vitamin D, but our eyes need it….it’s all synergistically part of the mystery of Mother Nature.  Suffice it to say, if you can’t get the sun, then get the SUN from these beautifully sunbaked vegetables and fruits in juice form!

Don’t forget also….our new Power Grind Pro Juicer actually makes NUT JUICES out of our juicer, where you don’t have to blend the nuts anymore…we can actually juice them and when you drink fresh almond milk for the first time, it’s an incredible experience. Remember, freshly made almond milk with added fresh apple juices makes for a powerhouse tonic before a workout as well.

This is the tonic Linda and I use after our workouts:

1 cup dandelion greens

1 cup parsley

1 cup spinach

2 green or red delicious apples

1 medium lime with skin

8 ribs celery

1 unwaxed cucumber

Try juicing carrots/greens/beets/apples/supergreens such as dandelion, spinach, kale, etc.,. with your carrots and you will have longer and better workouts than others.

Best of Living Health to you!

Jay Kordich