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Coloring our Juices!

COLOR in your Juice?

To stay vitally healthy….being cognizant of adding concentrated vibrant color in our diet and in our juices is quite important.  Linda and I juice by color….and we suggest that this tonic will light up your brain cells for optimum memory and on top of that, it helps reduce cancer risk.

Here’s my TONIC to do JUST this!!

1 cup Purple (with seeds please) Grapes
2 cups Blueberries or Blackberries
2 Plums (de-seeded)
1 or 2 Bartlett Pears

Now that’s Brain Power!..Please never forget the power of concentrated COLOR in your foods.  Don’t care for fresh fruit juices?  Here’s another TONIC that is derived from the powerhouse PURPLE cabbage.  It even looks like a brain.  Amazing how Nature is so illustrious and creative.

2 cups Purple Cabbage
2 dark Red (Delicious) Apples ***
1/2 Beet with 2 of its beetroot leaves

*** If you do not juice apples for blood sugar/glycemic reasons, you can substitute 1 large cucumber for 2 apples.