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Healthy Kidneys

Our Kidneys are quite important….it is our filterating system and if it becomes infected or congested, bladder troubles, urinary tract infections and serious problems can arise.  Yet we don’t really speak much about how to take care of our kidneys, so we thought we would write a short blog about what we have studied in these past three decades on how to take good care of our Kidneys. First and foremost let us say that freshly made, organic Cranberry, or Watermelon juices are some of our favourites.  Combined with other fruits helps make them even more important such as combining the Cranberries with the Apples. More on this below. ** The ingredients in these juices help keep our kidneys in good functioning order and working at their optimum.
Also, certain foods we eat can greatly impact the health and overall longevity of our kidneys.  Foods such as flour, either white or wheat, sugar, crackers, red or white meats can greatly harm our kidneys from functioning successfully.  Millions of Americans were eating high protein, flesh food diets to drop weight but they didn’t realize their kidneys were being negatively impacted by the high protein, no fiber foods.  That would include macrobiotic diets as well.   They don’t recommend drinking much water…and our kidneys NEED a flow of water to keep them buoyant, and functioning at their optimum, yet drinking vegetable juices and/or purified water is important, drinking liquids all at once can harm them as well, so try to stretch your liquid intake throughout the day.
**Cranberry Juice
This spectacular berry helps support our kidneys, mostly due to its highly acidic juice. Its acid can help prevent kidney stones from developing. Cranberries contain a chemical called polymer and it is the polymer in cranberries that is responsible for increasing the acidity of your urine as well as helping prevent bacteria from growing.  We don’t recommend drinking the juice cooked, processed or riddled with sugar. You can purchase fresh Cranberries usually from October through February.  Remember, Organic only!
Here’s a great recipe we have been using for many decades:
Cranberry-Apple (Our Pink Flush!)
2 Cups Organic Cranberries (fresh)
2 Organic Red Delicious Apples
Alternate in between juicing the Cranberries with the Apples so that the thick Cranberries get flushed through properly.
Here’s a great tonic we use in the summertime when Watermelon’s are at their peak.
1 small, Organic Watermelon
Directions: Cut into long strips, using the entire Watermelon.
According to a 1995 Harvard University study, watermelon contains a lot of potassium, which is very helpful in cleaning or washing off the toxic deposits in the kidneys. It is also helpful in reducing the concentration of uric acid in the blood.
Watermelon also has a high water content that induces frequent urination, which is also helpful for cleansing the kidneys. Its antioxidants help ensure good kidney health.