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How to Travel Successfully with Your Juicer!

We have been asked by many of our friends what we ‘do’ when we are traveling when it comes to juicing on a daily basis.

We say, it’s quite easy!

We take our juicer with us on the plane because the size of the juicer easily fits into the upper portion of the cabin, with the right kind of bag.

The best thing to do, when you have to travel or even if you want to take your juicer with you on a vacation is to do the following:

1.  Pack Juicer well so the bucket does not crack.

2.  Bring along several glasses with lids on them to secure juice.

3.  Bring straws for easy sipping and a small brush for cleaning.

4.  Once you reach your destination, go to the grocery store and purchase the basics: carrots/apples/celery/spinach/beets/parsley/ginger

5.  Once you have the basics you can juice several different combinations

6.  We usually put the juicer in the bathroom of our hotel room, so that cleanup is easy.

7.  We also use the facecloths to clean our juicer if the brush was forgotten.

The benefits of juicing while you are traveling are many!

Here are some:

1.  Juicing helps keep our energy high

2.  Juicing daily keeps our regime balanced so that when we get home there is not a lot of re-adjusting that needs to take place.

3.  Our bowel habits stay balanced

4.  We can juice instead of making poor food choices or poor juice choices while in the hotels.

5.  You will SAVE big money by taking your juicer with you, instead of relying on juicebars for your juice!

Just try to remember to clean your juicer out EVERY TIME you juice while you are on vacation, and your vacation and/or work related travel will be a wonderful experience!



Linda and I in Hawaii at our friends Juicebar called:

Lanikai Juice