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Add Green Juice To Nut Or Seed Milk

green milk webDid you know freshly juiced leafy greens bring superior quality and quantity to our hemoglobin? This is why people who drink a lot of dark leafy green juices have pure, beautiful white blood cells without any fungus, distortion or toxins in them.

If you can make fresh almond milk or any kind of fresh nut or seed milks, did you ever think of adding fresh organic leafy green juices to them? Shelley Young and my wife Linda made this juice together last summer, and according to their viewpoint, this combination brings high alkalinity, protein and super-nutrients to our bloodstream almost instantly.

Fresh, dark leafy greens brings in the quality and quantity of our hemoglobin meaning they are excellent blood builders. Combined with the high alkaline almond milk, the natural, heart healthy fats from the almonds make this a super-powerhouse of nutrients. Linda and I make the recipe below frequently after a morning workout because it’s light, but highly sustaining. You won’t be hungry for several hours afterwards.

With our PowerGrind Pro juicer, put the spinach through first, then start adding in the almonds and alternate between the soaked nuts and the cucumber, adding water as necessary. Finish flushing through with the celery.  If you don’t have a juicer that makes nut and seed milks, juice all your greens, then set aside. Blend your almonds, then strain through a nut bag, then combine the green juice to the almond milk. Here is the recipe:
1 Cup Spinach
1 cup (soaked) Almonds
4 ribs Celery
1 large Cucumber
 (If you want it to be a bit sweeter, add a golden delicious apple while juicing.)

Almond Nog: Antioxidant Rich Cholesterol Lowering Drink

Most people love the taste of egg nog. We feel the same. Also many of us would like to limit the amount of milk we consume. It’s definitely a conflict people face every year around the holidays. We wanted to come up with a recipe that could give us the satisfaction and the taste of egg nog but forgo the cow’s milk. Thus we present to you our Almond Nog.

Before we get to the recipe and the video, let’s recap why most nutrition and health researchers would recommend including almonds in your diet on a regular basis. There are numerous studies showing almonds and other nuts as beneficial to you health. Here is an overview:

Cholesterol Lowering Benefit

Nut consumption has been shown to have cholesterol lowering benefits. Almonds in particular have other cardioprotective nutrients  that include α-tocopherol, arginine, magnesium, copper, manganese, calcium, and potassium. Researches credit these additional properties of almonds as adding to their cholesterol lowering effect.

Abdominal Obesity, High Blood Sugar, High Blood Pressure Benefit

New research is showing a link between eating nuts and serotonin levels in patients with metabolic syndrome (MetS), those with higher diabetes and heart disease risk. Serotonin helps transmit signals that decrease feelings of hunger and make people feel less stressful. MetS symptoms include excess abdominal fat, high blood sugar and high blood pressure. Dietary changes are strongly associated with helping these patients become healthier.

With only one ounce of nuts per day over 12 weeks, (walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts were included in the study) they found evidence of increased serotonin levels to suggest beneficial effects from the nuts which could have a positive impact on inflammation and other cardiovascular risk factors as well.

Antioxidant Effects of Almonds

Here are findings reported in the Journal of Nutrition by Jeffrey Blumberg,  director of the Antioxidants Research Laboratory at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging (HNRCA) at Tufts University in Boston, Mass.  His team is showing that after consumption of 2.5 ounces of almonds per day for one month, “their concentration of two biomarkers of oxidative stress–plasma malondialdehyde (MDA) and urinary isoprostanes–were significantly lowered.”

We’ll have to wait to discuss all the health giving benefits from apples, pears, macadamia nuts and vanilla for another post otherwise we’ll never get to the recipe and video.

Remember one last thing;  unlike other juicers out there, our PowerGrind Pro is specifically designed to make nut and seed milks — in one step. No blending and squeezing required. Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to make your own fresh almond milk using the Jay Kordich PowerGrind Pro.

Almond Nog Dairy Free Drink:
2 pears
2 apples
1 cup almonds soaked
1/2 cup macadamia nuts soaked
1 cup water
1/2 teaspoon allspice soaked.
1/2 teaspoon cloves soaked.
1/2 whole vanilla bean

Here is Linda Kordich making this great tasting special holiday drink.

Pumpkin Pie Almond Spice Drink

Here’s a recipe that uses pumpkin in the form of fresh juice, yes I said juice.  We juice fresh pumpkin, add requisite sweetness with apples, add fresh almond milk for creaminess and soaked spices to round out the flavor. Umm Good!

It seems like everywhere you turn another food item is adding pumpkin to it’s name and some amount of pumpkin taste, if not actual pumpkin. What we wanted to accomplish with this recipe was a drink with the taste of pumpkin pie and also deliver a nutritional punch unmatched in pumpkin pie itself.

 Give Your Body A Boost with Powerful Pumpkin

You may not be aware of the powerful pumpkin when it comes to nutritional value. It’s chocked full of beneficial nutrients like vitamin A in the form of carotenoids that the body converts to the usable form. It provides anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer effects that boost immune response, is great for eye health and slows the aging process. Vitamin C for immune support, tissue growth and repair. Minerals like potassium for calming blood pressure, magnesium for teeth, bones, heart health and more.

Almond Milk In One Easy Step with the PowerGrind Pro

Of course almonds are also of great benefit to the body and the Jay Kordich PowerGrind Pro is the only juice machine that can make almond milk in one easy step. Simply add soaked nuts and water at the same time you are juicing the rest of the ingredients. Almonds are packed full of vitamin E, B-vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium plus protein and high in monounsaturated fats that helps lower inflammation.

Watch Linda Kordich make our tasty fall recipe, Pumpkin Pie Almond Spice Drink. Let us know what you think of this recipe in the comments section below the video.

How To Make Almond Milk And Peach

One of the best ways to drink fruit juices is with some omega fats from nuts or seeds. This will smooth out the body’s blood sugar reaction to the glucose and fructose in fruits. The PowerGrind Pro juice machine makes it easy to consume fruit juice with nuts because you can make fresh nut milk at the same time you make the fruit juice. Watch our video at the end of this post.

Pick The Best Tasting Peaches
Peaches are packed with nutrition as well as great taste. However purchasing the best tasting ones that are nice and sweet, this can be tricky. Peaches with just a little “give” when you hold them indicates they are perfectly ripe. Produce managers do not like customers squeezing their peaches, with obvious reason, therefore you can use smell to tell quite a lot on it’s own. Put your nose right up next to a peach. If it smells sweet and ripe this indicates loads of flavor.

Minerals And Vitamins especially Potassium
One large peach contains only about 68 calories and is dense with minerals like potassium for healthy blood pressure, iron for red blood cells and natural fluorides for bones and teeth. It contains beta-carotene and vitamin C, E and K plus thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B-6, niacin, folate and pantothenic acid. Looking at the sugar composition, peaches are actually pretty low on the fructose list and about average on the glycemic index and glycemic load scales.

Study Indicates Anti-Aging Benefits
There are significant antioxidant properties associated with peaches. A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food in 2009 is showing major antioxidants in peaches including chlorogenic acid, which helps scavenge free radicals to reduce the effects of aging and deter chronic diseases. This antioxidant has also been shown to help prevent cancer and reduce inflammation.

You will also find flavonoids such as lutein, zeaxanthin and ß-cryptoxanthin in peaches. These compounds are indicated to protect against free radicals and have anti-aging properties.

Almonds Shown to Dramatically Lower Blood Sugar
Among the many benefits of almonds, they have been found to have a neutralizing effect on sugar spikes. Information published in the American Journal of Infectious Diseases found that eating almonds had a significant effect on blood glucose. Almonds are packed with phytonutrients, antioxidants and biologically active compounds that lower the risk of many chronic diseases. The study authors said, “The present study has demonstrated that inclusion of 10 g of almonds in diet led to a significant reduction in fasting and post prandial blood glucose levels.”

Watch our video below with Linda Kordich, showing you step by step how to make Almond Milk With Peaches.
Here’s the Recipe:
2- Ripe Peaches
1- cup Almonds, soaked and drained.
1- cup water
1- bunch of red grapes, if needed for added sweetness.


The Vegan Diet and Weight Lifting

I have been a vegetarian for 65 years. The vegetarian diet is by far better for long term body shaping, body building than flesh food (meat) diets, in my opinion. I have witnessed, for many many decades those who choose flesh food diets versus vegan/vegetarian diets and I can say that every vegetarian I knew back in the sixties worked out up until their 80′s, still have svelte bodies.  The flesh food eaters bloated up as they aged and most didn’t make it past 70 years old, and if they did, diet related diseases got the best of them.

Granted, life was different back in the sixties and perhaps the meat eating friends I had were also drinking and smoking, which I have noted most flesh food eaters smoke, drink and eat heavy red meats, as if it were some kind of magnetic cycle that attracts them to these kinds of foods and lifestyles.  These factors also need to be accounted for.

Here’s an example:

My dear friend, Carl Lewis won his 8th gold metal because I taught him about juicing six months beforehand back in the mid 1990′s.  It was the intake of heavy green juicing that gave him the endurance and fortitude to excel and win his 8th or 9th metal in the Olympics!

I am not a big fan of just body BUILDING to buff up your muscles, because in the long run, it’s better to focus on endurance body building via either a sport or general weight lifting. If we pump up too much, it causes imbalances in the body, because we need steroidal supplementation and/or unnatural tonics to keep our muscles expanded. Men or women who weight lift this way will struggle to be healthy, long term, because their muscles soon turn to toxic fat because they can’t keep up decades of this way of living. Once they stop the intense weightlifting, it all turns against them because the diet is flesh oriented, which is good for carnivore animals…they need super fast adrenaline to capture their prey, and then they consume the flesh, then sleep. They also only have very short intestinal tract … perhaps only three feet, compared to our 33 feet from mouth to rectum.  For example, carnivores do not live as long as the vegetarian animals such as elephants, horses, etc.,.

If you want a short life but you want to look like Jay Cutler, then go for it, but you will be cutting your lifespan in half if you eat a primarily flesh food diet with all the controversial supplementation that is required to keep a body like this. I KNOW these things, as when I was young, I was a very successful football player for USC and for the Green Bay Packers until I tore a large muscle in my right leg, which threw me out of the game forever.  I was foolishly eating steaks everyday because they were given to us during football training and during our season.  I soon became quite ill afterwards, ultimately getting bladder cancer that not just knocked me out of the game of football, but almost out of the game called LIFE, that is, until I met Dr. Gerson and he taught me about juicing.

I recommend green juicing (high proteins) with other protein such as seeds, quinoa, beans (soaked beforehand) and seaweeds such as Nori, tempeh, almond butters and almonds. These foods are all mostly complete in their 9 amino acid chains. And they work beautifully through the digestive tract….as humans we have 33 feet of intestines that foods need to go through in order to pass through our bodies in a bowel movement.

All flesh foods are NOT fiber, so therefore have a difficult time getting through the long chain of our intestines, and that’s why fiber is quite important for us humans.

I could go on and on….but suffice it to say, green juices make a fantastic tonic before and after your weight lifting exercises. Apple/Celery 50/50 meaning 50% apples to 50% celery make a fantastic replace of potassium/sodium balance for long term workouts.

I also recommend exercising outside, in Nature. If going to the gym is your only means, then I say do it, but if you have an opportunity to run outdoors, for example, or learn to play tennis, badmitten, golf…these sports also enhance other parts of our brain that deliver inner joy and the Vitamin D we desperate need in the wintertime that ONLY the sun can give us. Milk does not have natural Vitamin D in it…they have to fortify it with vitamins. Not only do we need the sun for the Vitamin D, but our eyes need it….it’s all synergistically part of the mystery of Mother Nature.  Suffice it to say, if you can’t get the sun, then get the SUN from these beautifully sunbaked vegetables and fruits in juice form!

Don’t forget also….our new Power Grind Pro Juicer actually makes NUT JUICES out of our juicer, where you don’t have to blend the nuts anymore…we can actually juice them and when you drink fresh almond milk for the first time, it’s an incredible experience. Remember, freshly made almond milk with added fresh apple juices makes for a powerhouse tonic before a workout as well.

This is the tonic Linda and I use after our workouts:

1 cup dandelion greens

1 cup parsley

1 cup spinach

2 green or red delicious apples

1 medium lime with skin

8 ribs celery

1 unwaxed cucumber

Try juicing carrots/greens/beets/apples/supergreens such as dandelion, spinach, kale, etc.,. with your carrots and you will have longer and better workouts than others.

Best of Living Health to you!

Jay Kordich