Beets for Liver and Brain Too!

One of the key drink combinations from Jay uses beets and apples which he calls The Liver Mover. In the video below Jay makes this drink and talks about the importance of making sure your liver is performing at top efficiency.

New research now indicates beets can improve brain function as well, especially in older adults. Beets are high in nitrates that stimulate circulation benefits to intestinal health, blood pressure and exercise performance. In a recent study daily beet juice consumption was shown to improve blood flow, especially to the frontal lobe of the brain where cognitive function is more critical as we age.

Jay’s Liver Mover is easy to make using his PowerGrind Pro juicer and provides measurable benefits. It’s tasty too!┬áThe recipe is 1/2 beet and one or two apples.

Now here’s Jay:

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