Jay Makes Cabbage Carrot Celery Juice

Last month we asked Jay to recall the history of working with Dr. Garnett Cheney of Stanford University Medical School in 1949. In last month’s article Jay¬†told us how drinking freshly made cabbage juice was shown to cure patients of stomach ulcers in as little as a week to 10 days. Amazing!

A few days ago while shooting new videos for this blog and for our Facebook page, we asked Jay to make us his recipe called The Three C’s, which is cabbage, carrot and celery juice. During Jay’s working with Dr. Cheney it was determined this combination was much more palatable and easier for patients to drink and still receive the benefits from the straight cabbage juice.

If you are using this combination to get serious about a stomach problem you should try for a larger percentage of cabbage to carrot and celery, say about 50% cabbage. Otherwise 1/3 each is a good starting point. An excellent quality juice machine is also recommended. Fortunately we can suggest Jay’s own PowerGrind Pro for the job!

Now Here’s Jay!

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