How to Lose Weight in 3 Days with Juicing….and lots of food!

Losing weight, especially when we are over the age of 45 seems impossible.  The truth is, as we age, our metabolism naturally slows, our passion for exercising and enthusiasm just seems a bit skewed.  It’s just natural, as we age, things change for us as our priorities take on different hues.

However, that does not mean we should allow ourselves to stay out of shape, carrying around those extra 20 or 30 pounds.  It’s dangerous on all levels.  So, instead of starving ourselves, and going to the gym with all those young kids, try adopting a 3 day SuperJuicing Diet…and once you finish this diet, you will be raring to workout, even if it’s just on your own recumbent bicycle or taking a long hour walk daily.

If you have a 3 day weekend coming up, or if you are retired, take three days to focus on juicing and within the first 24 hours you may notice something quite surprising!  After the initial taste adjustments, and the few headaches you may encounter as you give up the coffee, alcohol and sugar…… you will notice a naturally balanced surge or energy and your skin will start to glow.

Here’s our 3 day Super-Cleansing Diet ~ Good Luck and don’t hesitate to write to us!

Our 3 Day 100% Living Foods Super-diet for Super-health!

(Please know that all this information we share belongs to me and Linda (copyrighted 2009) and it is not designed for others to copy and own for themselves, without our written expressed permission. We hope you understand! If you have friends that would like a copy, it is free, if they go to our website: and sign up for our newsletters that bring information and updates on our business, including my schedule across America and tv and radio appearances.)
Our Seven Day 100% Living Foods and Juice Diet with Super-Salads
(designed for two people)
Linda and I are sharing some sample recipes from our book: Live Foods/Live Bodies, a 100% vegan and 75% Living Cookbook that we published and is part of our Living Health Program on our website:
These recipes are foods we use every day, and is basically the way we live and eat on a daily basis. It’s very important to start your day off with green juices.  Also, we like to use the same ingredients for our evening juice as we use for our super-salads, as it makes it easier to prepare meals and also we drink our juice with our dinner to help with digestion as these juices are rich in enzymes to help better our digestive processes.
We also use Super-salads as our evening meals, and since we are not completely raw, sometimes we will use some spinach tortillas, or organic corn homemade tortillas to use in our salads while we are eating, in case we feel like something a bit heavier, but in the spring/summertime we usually don’t add cooked foods into our salads, but in the fall/wintertime we add cooked grains into them and/or tortillas/or flax crackers to balance off all tastes and textures.
We hope you like them!

Day One:

Upon rising:  celery/apple/parsley (3 ribs celery/2 golden apples/one handful of parsley)
(wait 30 minutes before consuming breakfast)
Breakfast: Chopped fresh nectarines and peaches and slivered almonds placed in a bowl with coconut flakes over the top, and fresh almond milk. If it’s wintertime, use apples and pears instead of nectarines and peaches.
Lunch: Green Whopper Salad
3 cups Organic Baby Field greens
1 cup Organic Baby Spinach
1/2 cup Walnuts
1/2 cup Grated Carrots
1 cup Grated zucchini, yellow or green
1 cup quinoa (red is the best!) you can get it at Trader Joe’s
1 large Beefsteak Tomato
1/2 cup Green onions
1 cup Sunflower sprouts
Dressing: Fresh Herb Dressing
1 cup unrefined grape seed oil
2 cloves garlic
1/3 cup yellow onion
1/2 cup fresh spinach and one 1/2 cup fresh parsley and 1/2 cup fresh cilantro and 3/4 cup fresh dill
1 tbsp. Braggs or organic tamari
2 tbsp. balsamic vinegar or Apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup purified water (more or less depending on how thick or thin you like it.)
Dash of cayenne pepper
Blend everything together except the oil. Add the oil last slowing pouring it in to help emulsify it.
Dinner: Super-spinach Super-salad #1
2 cups organic baby leaf spinach
1/2 cup slivered almonds
1/2 cup fresh sliced mushrooms
1/4 cup dried cranberries
1/2 cup julienne green zucchini and cucumber (no seeds)
1/2 cup diced broccoli floweret’s
1 cup Quinoa or 1 cup short grain brown rice
1/2 cup organic green olives or kalamata olives.
1 large or two medium garlic cloves, crushed
Dressing: Olive oil with Bragg’s or Tamari over the top with a bit of fresh lime juice
Juice with Dinner: 18 to 22 carrots/1 cup parsley/1 cup spinach/ 2 granny smith apples/ 1 medium beet.
Before bedtime: Chamomile Tea and Stevia :)

Day 2:

Upon rising:  2 Medium Zucchini or Cucumber, 1 cup Spinach and 2 Pippin Apples
Breakfast: Muesli (raw)
1 cup Steel cut oats
1 cup Purified water
1/2 cup Raisins
1/2 cup Pitted prunes or dates, chopped
1/2 cup Dried apricots, chopped
1/2 cup Apple, grated (pippin or granny smith)
1/4 cup Raw organic almonds, slivered
3 tbsp. Organic honey or Agave Syrup to taste.
Lunch: Tomato and avocado sandwich with slices of wala-wala onions and cucumber slices on top over raw flax bread or 12 grain bread flax bread
Dinner: Supersalad #2
2 cups Baby Field Greens (you can purchase them at the store by bulk or in large plastic containers)
1/2 cup Fresh Basil, chopped
1 cup Romaine Lettuce
2 Organic Beefstake tomatoes
1/2 cup Slivered Wala Wala Onions or sweet onions
1/2 cup Tamari soaked pumpkin seeds
1 Avocado (crushed and placed on top of the salad with the pumpkin seeds
1 cup cooked grain: quinoa, brown rice or millet
Dressing: Barlean’s Flax oil with fresh lemon juice and Nama Shoyu (raw tamari) or Braggs Aminos to taste.
Juice for Dinner: Carrot/apple/beet/basil
20 medium sized carrots/2 apples (golden), 1 medium beet and 1/2 cup basil.

Day 3

Upon rising:  celery/apple/cucumber ~ (3 ribs celery/2 apples/2 medium sized cucumbers)
Breakfast: Super-smoothie: High Protein Nut Smoothie
2 tbsp. each Sunflower Seeds, walnuts and almonds
2 tbsp. Flax Seeds
4 cups Pure Water
1 cup Fresh or frozen berries of your choice
2 tbsp. Agave Syrup or Stevia or Honey
2 tablespoons of Spirulina
Soak the nuts for 15 minutes before blending in purified water. Best to soak them overnight, but 15 minutes will soften them. Put all ingredients in hi speed blender until you are happy with the consistency.
Lunch: Living Soup with flax crackers
Ruby Ambrosia Living Soup
1/2 cup Organic Beet
2 tbsp. Fresh Basil
2 tbsp. Raw Tahini
2 clove Garlic
1/2 cup Fresh lime juice (from the juicer)
1 inch Fresh ginger
1/2 Cucumber (peeled)
1/3 Yellow Onion
2 Medium sized tomatoes, beef stake or heirloom are the best
1/3 tsp. Celery salt
Seasalt and Organic Pepper to taste.
Dinner: Supersalad #4
2 cups Red or Greenleaf Lettuce
1 cup shredded green cabbage
1/3 cup shredded or chopped brussel sprouts
1 cup shredded carrots
1 cup shredded jicima
1 cup sunflower seeds
1 cup millet
Dressing: (Macadamia Wonder Dressing)
1/2 cup Olive or Macadamia Oil
1 tsp Organic dijon mustard
2 tbsp. Fresh lemon juice
4 tbsp. Apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup Parlsey
1/4 cup Cilantro
1/4 cup Spinach
1 tsp. Seasalt
Black pepper and Red pepper to taste. Add all ingredients together and blend, but leave oil last and blend slowly into the dressing.
Juice for Dinner: Apple/Parsley/Cilantro/Spinach. 3 golden apples, 1/2 cup parlsey, spinach and cilantro or 4 ribs celery.


Jay and Linda Kordich

Freshly Made Vegetable Juices!

7,866 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight in 3 Days with Juicing….and lots of food!

  1. Hi

    I wrote to Linda a long time ago..very inspiring. But I have read your book at least three times, but for some reason I don’t follow through. I am so very tired all the time, no energy..I hope it is not I don’t follow throught out of just laziness. I have still after 4yrs uncontrolled type 2 diabetes and have advanced to a quadruple by-pass three years ago. Arthritis and severe lower back pain consumes me as well. They keep putting me on more and more medicine and I keep getting sicker. After the last one, Lyrica (which causes thoughts of suicide and for me a massive head ache after one pill) I decided to give all the medicne up except my heart meds and the basic insulin shot at night! My husband and I look like we are starting a small pharmacy! I don’t think I ever saw my parents ever take one pill… they both died at 73. I will be 62 on Sat and my husband is 63. There must be a better way!! So I must thank you again that I can keep coming back to your website for inspiration and the motivation to do what you do!!! I admire both of you for living what you teach.

  2. Dear Joni, we admire you for keeping the desire to eat well and be well in your heart. it can be done! have you ever thought of going to the Tree of Life Center in Patagonia? It could change your life forever! Dr. Cousens is a medical doctor (two mds) and treats many patients such as yourself, and by the end of 30 days, 95% of all his patients come out of the treatment completely healed of yes, even diabetes. I urge you to go to their site: and see what they have to say. He wrote a book called: There is a Cure for Diabetes and is worth the investment of only about $15.00 to purchase it. Please write to me and tell me what you find out ok? You are too young to have these problems…and my husband is 88 years old with no meds at all. It’s not supposed to be this way, and you can overcome, I’m sure of it. :) Linda

  3. I bought a Juiceman Juicer back in 1991. I sure wish I knew then what I know now. I wish I had become dedicated to the whole idea of juicing. Because now, I’m slowly dying. I can feel it every day. It’s scary! In 2007 I went through breast cancer and all the accompanying procedures: chemo, radiation, and all the crap that goes along with that. I’m worse now than I was then. I believe that the cancer is back, but I can’t seem to find it on any of the scans I’m getting. No one really believes me. But I know already what it feels like to be dying. I feel that way again, only worse this time. I feel that juicing is the right avenue to go instead of the one I’ve already been down. I’m on a ton of medicine that I would love to get off of for a whole list of ailments. My most recent surgery was in December ’10, having had a grapefruit sized tumor on my right ovary. They took it all, hysterectomy and tumor. I’m just not getting well! I’m afraid I just won’t wake up one morning. I still have three children at home who need me, and a loving husband who is trying his best to keep me well. The biggest thing holding me back from juicing is the cost. It’s expensive, and my husband is already working two jobs. If I could just get off all the meds, it would make it easier. I’m pretty scared of where that would leave me, functioning-wise, if I just get off of them all. Anyway, I was hoping that maybe you could help me figure out this dilemma…before I don’t wake up one morning… Thanks, Ellise

    1. Ellise Check out the Gerson info on the net and tons of Gerson videos on you tube Lots of juicing NO Animal Products whatsoever

  4. Hello Linda, I am a 38 yr old mother of 2 and I am finding it hard to lose weight. Hoping the 3 day diet will help jump start my weight loss. I have a lot of belly fat and I am very short which makes it hard. Recently, found out that I have congestive heart failure. I need something because my daughter is graduating in 2 yrs and my son is 10. I need all the energy I can get. Keep up the good work that you and Jay are doing and thanks for listening! Have a blessed evening.

    1. Hi Chantell, Just try to juice 1 quart of veggie juices daily, and get some good supplementation like D3, Vitamin C, a good B Vitamin Complex. Supplements like Magnesium is also good for de-stressing, and good for the regulation of the heartbeat. Don’t worry about the weight so much. Focus more on food choices, relaxation and self love and dedication to your children. Take each day as your life, so don’t think of the past or the future, just do your best on this day ok? You will get more energy, within time, as you juice greens daily, and do what I recommend. Also, please make sure to see your doctor for regular check ups. Try juicing cucumber/spinach/parsley/apple/lime. Let me know what you think!

  5. Jay and Linda,
    Thank you for your meaningful contribution to society. I first found out about your husband’s legacy from a documentary about Dr. Max Gerson in which I saw Jay and realized that he was the name behind the juiceman juicer.( I just mentally associated the juicer with Jack Lalanne.) That is when I found out that Jay was one that was helped by discovery of the healing the body for any and every disease through proper nutrition; namely by juicing. Through further research I found out that raw food and nutrition was nature’s preventative and cure for all diseases. I personally was tired of being deathly sick all of the time and refused to make an excuse for why I could start changing things in my life that day. I pulled out my juiceman juicer and have not been the same since. I literally felt better the next day and have been feeling progressively better since. My list of ailments are too long to list, nevertheless I no longer think that I would die too young and have a miserable time waiting. If I could urge anyone our there to try juicing for life I will. I try to educate people about the benefits of raw food nutrition where and whenever I can. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and take responsibility for your own health. Start juicing today. Bad health is so much more costly and affects every part of your life. To reap immediate benefits you must make sure that your ratio raw to cooked food is at least 51% raw to 49% cooked. The easiest way to get in the amount of raw food to see the benefits is to juice. Happy Juicing all! Drink to fresh pressed juice to health.

  6. Jay and Linda, you have helped us to succeed at juicing as no one else. I bought your juicer in 1992; the videos, tapes, and book had the method that made the difference! Your new juicer would change our national health, if only…. I’m a vegetarian thanks to you. I wanted to be one since I was five years old, but it took your instructions to finally do it. Thank you! I’m still working at 77 and share your story with many people.

  7. Dear Jay and Linda,

    As a nurse, I have been so impressed with the amount of solid health information contained within your books. If only more people understood that they key to health is living a whole-foods plant based diet! I have been juicing for several months and loving it! Thank-you for giving our world such a precious gift.

    Candy K.

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    4. 3  1I don’t see the problem with a man having children, no matter how old the woman is! Well she must be of an appropriate age to date of course that goes w/o saying, but again i dont see the issue. We wouldn’t want men applying those same standards to us! I never see the issue being with the kids tho anyway, it’s usually the “Child’s Mother” who may have an issue with things and that’s where the drama begins..

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    6. 2327She homeschools her children or does she support homeschooling? Big difference. What a great way to REALLY hide your 16 year old’s pregnancy by suddenly homeschooling her, but telling her public/private school friends she has mononucleosis!Oh please. I doubt the snowmobiling champion husband is homeschooling her 4 children & one grandchild while his wife is firing people she doesn’t like while governing the state of Alaska!

    7. Maybe im totally blind, but i am trying to find the fab freebies stuff where wwill i find it ?&&on the prize page the prize i trying to find isnt on the website prize page, or am i looking in the wrong page, please help ?Thanks.

    8. *Continued use of technology and video teaching*Blending and merging of churches (similar to OnePrayer; however the relationships will be long-term… and teaching will be cross-church and more eclectic)*A more ethnically diverse church*Everyone will be in church reading their Bible via YouVersion on their I-phone. :-)My comment could go on and on… I’m looking forward to every one else’s comments!

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    10. Beste vrienden,Leuk zo,n uitgebreid verhaal,mooi geschreven en nu maar op naar het laatste deel ven het avontuur! We hopen met jullie dat de laatste loodjes niet spreekwoordelijk de zwaarste zullen worden maar de mooiste.Groetjes van Wim en Flora.

    11. I’m just like Steph here–for me it’s all about community. I might not have huge numbers, but I have a fantastic group of reader and they make the blog thing totally worth it. I’ve found myself placed in some of those “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” Facebook groups and I just don’t see the point. Your readers know crap when they see it and there’s no point in killing your community for a couple bucks.

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    13. I'm reading the full version of Hayek's "Road to Serfdom".It is alarming that the sort of crap which you are posting about has been clearly seen, understood and published about in the English language for around 65 years, yet it has been kept from the majority of the population.You are one of the main ones who've brought libertarian and individualist writings to my attention (they are much less widely known here, in Europe than in the US).Thanks

    14. before that if you want to make yourself smarter you should hang around with smart people. And there certainly are a lot of noobs online. Maybe a sort of ‘selective pressure’ would apply where a smaller percentage can prevail past said noobery. ‘Noobical selection’.

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    17. Estoy comentando para cambiar la imagen de mi lengua materna como angloparlante! Es muy interesante lo que dices en cuanto a los franceses y el contenido muy impersonal….aunque hablo y leo Frances, no tengo ningun interes en leer algo impersonal, quiero ver el color, el humor y la experiencia total de un asunto.

    18. Att vara förälskad är ungefär samma känsla som jag har för det här bordet. Jag har länge gått och suktat efter just det bordet och har redan planerat vad jag ska ha på det (en snygg lampa samt en liten skål med fingodis). Om det skulle flytta hem till mig så skulle det vara en livslång kärleksaffär.

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    23. I have tried the liquid version from Shiseido and the tablet version. The drink/liquid version actually taste quite nice. But I didn’t see a remarkable/mindblowing change in the state of my skin (but then again, my skin is generally quite well behaved, so your mileage may vary…)

    24. Help, Picked up premier model 88N. Someone cut all the wires out of the audio output transformer. I know there is not a schematic. But if I could get some close up pictures it would help ALOT. Thanks guys for any help. I don’t know why someone would do this. Jim

    25. Hi,I am about to migrate from Aperture 3 to LR 4. As far as the metadata, do I need to do either the write IPTC to Master or the XMP sidecar for the IPTC information if it’s just the IPTC information the was with the raw file upon original import into Aperture (like the aperture, ISO, shutter speed, etc.)? In other words, if I didn’t add any keywords etc. (or if I did, I really don’t need them in Lightroom) after the raw files where in Aperture.Thank you for your article on how to do the migration.

    26. I like the stars way, and use it quite a lot, so I think it'd be good if you had a stars system, as well as a thumbs-up system(or a like or dislike system)! I think it'd be good if there was a "do-a-sequel" button as well, for videos that are so good, that you really want someone to do a second one as well!

    27. comment pouvez vous passez d'articles serieux sur l'economie ou dsk a des debilités pareilles ? ce genre d'article devrait etre dans une rubrique nommée " humour, ideologies et manipulations pathetiques des elites mondiales "

    28. that he's adopted, and that one of his biological parents was "probably Jewish". It seems like a topic he doesn't want to pursue. I remember he said that his adopted parents were slightly anti-Semitic.He writes a bit about it :As an adopted child myself, I found it beneficial to look like my (adoptive) parents. We didn't hesitate to tell anybody we liked that I was adopted. But the fact that strangers just assumed I was the biological child of my parents saved me from pestering.

    29. Mmmmmm yum! Eggplants are my favourite summer vegetable! We eat them A LOT in Italy (especially in the south). In fact, one of my dad’s favourite dishes is an eggplant salad. I am sure he would love this one (and so will I), so I am bookmarking for when he comes to visit! THANK YOU soooo much for the award Sawsan, I feel truly honoured receiving it from you, you know how much I admire your work! Have a great day!

    30. “…der eben (zurecht) meint, er dürfe als freier Mensch genauso alles tun, um dafür zu sein, wir alles tun, um dagegeb zu sein.”Natürlich darf er das, stellt ja auch niemand in Frage. Hat allerdings ein Gschmäckle dass seine Firma Aufträge von mehreren Pro21-Befürwortern hat. Schaut für mich daher eher nach einer PR-Masche für seine eigene Firma aus als ehrlicher Protest aus Ãœberzeugung.

    31. Wow, I just found your blog and I LOVE it! That outfit is amazing, and I'm loving your bargain hunting tips – I am a vintage/charity/bargain girl through and through too :) I'm definitely following you now!

    32. Christopher- pls see – Are there any changes I should make to blogger robots text or header tags to enable search results in certain countries eg India is producing no local results. Goyoda has a unique blog 23 countries, yet until UGC increases the content may appear as duplicate, but it isn't and links out to around 3000 unique Twubs. If you click on France you'll get an idea of how different they'll all become

    33. Obama has done nothing but take from this country, he’s contribution so far is a net negative. He’s accepted paychecks for elected positions where he’s done absolutely nothing beyond run for the next office. Can the voters who elected him honestly say they got their dollar’s worth out of him? Of course not. All Obama does in office is line the pockets of his supporters and run for the next office. If he’s elected, the latter will be eliminated and the former will take up all of his time. What a worthless man Barack Obama is.

    34. omg! Your tootsie monster is riding my sepia monster!! I can’t wait to get paid this Friday XD my other ami I bought from you (like 3 years ago) is eagerly awaiting his friend!!

    35. I think your craft is lovely! And that your valentines are, too. My hubby and I, despite the fact that our first date was on Valentine’s Day, rarely do anything special for the day. There’s just never enough time, money or forethought around here. Oh, well. The best valentine we have is being with each other 19 wonderful years and bringing four sweethearts into the world!

    36. Hey Jason,I was so bummed that I missed your Birdland show– I had returned to college just two days before!! Agh! Anyway, I live in Connecticut and I’m already set to see 13 at the Goodspeed. But while you’re back in the Northeast for a while, why don’t you put on another concert? I’m a huge fan and I’ve never seen you perform!

    37. If this were “YOU or I” they would throw away the key …..BUT…… it seems the overblown Salaries and Budget of the NRP is what they, the Empire builders, feel is their RIGHT>>>>While YES! IT is Seen as a “RIP-OFF” by many of the CASH STRAPPED Citizen of the Niagara Region who fight each and every day to keep a roof over their heads, food to feed and clothing to buy for themselves and children their children…… WHILE TAXES CONTINUE TO SPIRAL out of Control due to excesses such as this……….A continuing sick Scenario in Niagara Region

    38. I loved listening to The Help while driving in my car. I’m originally from the South, and I loved hearing the language and accents. It put me right back in time to another location, and it had a marvelous story.

    39. Can videos that have been uploaded to the Unlisted category still be flagged?It really wouldn't do much good for anyone, but I could see people doing it anyway just to annoy the uploader. And that could be pain.And this is a pretty cool feature. I don't think I'll ever use it, but it's cool. :DAnd unlike a lot of these people, I find the current setup of YouTube rather… Enticing. O_O

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    41. Le même Badinter qui s’est opposé dès les années 80 au juge bruguière qui a l’époque voulait un durcissement des lois anti terroristes, et l’avenir à donné raison, a juge bruguière. Le même Badinter qui lors des derniers durcissements de loi contre la délinquance est sorti du bois pour dire son opposition ? Combien de fois Badinter à manifesté dans sa vie pour défendre une seule victime ? Aucune.

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    43. has done a marvellous job as opposed to an amateur opinion piece that might have been. Sufi music, eh? Nice! See if you can recordit/get a record in some way? It’d be nice if you could put up an audiofile of a piece when you’re back. Have fun! rofl@max-g

    44. So let me get this straight – gasoline rose 3.6% but it actually dropped 2%??? I am really getting mad -and what pissing me off the most – most people are so ignorant and when you are trying to explain it to them the moment you say “Percent” – you lost them.Well I guess people get what they deserve. I see in 5-6 years average person will be spending 30-40% of their income on food.

    45. I used to be the same way. I'm on meds that help but I've also had to try to tame the bitch monster myself by telling myself that being a bitch isn't going to fix the problem and it will just end up causing more problems and tension within the house/family..etc.. My husband has been a bitch for the last year or so due to stress and worrying about money… but his bitchiness hasn't fixed the problem any, just made things worse in the house. Worry and anxiety will do nothing for the problem, ya just gotta learn how to deal with it in the right way!

    46. 92 10-12-11 spune: sa raspunzi la intrebari, cum te-am rugat mai sus1. cu ce aplicatie rulezi filmul ?2. ti se face ecranul negru si cand te uiti la un film de pe youtube in fullscreen? +43V-a ajutat acest raspuns?

    47. Pero me parece bien hombre que todo el mundo sebaje lo que pueda. Hasta que se acabe el mundo.Si los que estan haciendo las pasta son las empresas de Internet con la desesperacion delos chavales a bajarse todo.No hay delito si te coges algo que te estan regalando…

    48. Ça, c’est une page qui vaut le coup d’être vue ! Je me demandais ce qu’étaient ces petits insectes verts cachés dans un amas de mousse sur mes arbustes. Et quel insecte pouvais provoquer tous ces cratères dans la terre sableuse le long de ma façade ? C’est chose faite )Merci pour ces infos et ces images très représentatives !

    49. I agree we wont see any revolution type shifts in Europe unless sadly we continue to be victims of terrorist atrocity.I sympathise with the view that the majorities in Europe may not be right wing but bear in mind that Nationalism is now being embraced in ever increasing numbers by indigenous secular socialists. It is their rightly held belief that the Socialist parties have betrayed them [Google Andrew Neather] and the depth of anger is deep . Betrayal is not easily forgiven.

    50. just saw ” Ready” ………. well d movie had his moments but overall a big dissappoitment….. i must say ” character dheela n dhinkichikka” had blasted d fkinn roof of d theatre..

    51. Jaha en storm i ett vattenglas som vanligt. Tråkigt att det återigen avledde den relevanta debatten om hur vi skall transformera från värnpliktseran till en professionell yrkessoldatsskår. Trots felaktiga faktaunderlag så har det nog ändå skjutit fart på debatten i rätt riktning.

    52. If AC can’t fill their rooms in the summer, what are they going to do in October?BTW, my cousins are going to Disney in two weeks. Paying about half of what it cost last year. I also heard the cruise costs are way down as well.

    53. the Karl 'Marx' Rove hating, affirmative action appreciating voter…as far as I'm concerned and by what I'm seeing if they haven't been put behind bars by now, not gonna happen.However, I do wonder which Bush loyalist it was who controlled the Congressional secrets as his email sites serve Karl??

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    59. It definitely gives the series a slightly different angle, but I don’t think it’s going to be like this all the time from now on, it’s just one of those strange curve balls you get every now and then in anime. I was already really enjoying P&S+G, but this totally pushed me over the edge. I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t get your hopes up, the series is still going to be as vulgar as anything :) (It’s grown on me episode by episode, so if you gave up after the first episode, perhaps you should trying giving it one more chance to hook you in?)

    60. anonymous 1, thank youAdam, yes. Unfortunately the debate is controlled by the loud indolent who also claim to define their generationAnushirvan, indeed, religious without religionnamaste, thank you

    61. Máte úplnú pravdu Fabio. V skutočnosti si myslím, že vaše miesto bude dať na vrchole zoznamu vecí, ktoré vziať do úvahy app dosiahnuť. Samozrejme nikto nemá "údaje v ruke", aby sa odhad žánru, ale viac či menej nápad môžeme urobiť! Ďakujem moc za komentár, dúfam, že počujem od vás čoskoro! Ahoj

    62. · What an awful welcome to your new home! BUT, chicken soup does make life look wonderful. I’ve made my fair-share of chicken noodle soup this winter (sadly), but yours looks just awesome. Bye, bye flu!!

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    79. My house is one big craft room…there are bags of yarn, knitting needle, crochet hooks and pattern books in most every room in the house, and 1 crochet and 1 knit project in my car, never know when i’ll need them. If I’m not knitting or crocheting, I’m on one of the gazillion web sites looking at patterns……thank goodness i only live with my dog and cat!

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    83. 1dcI still have never tried Nutella because I don’t like hazelnuts. So I’m not sure of I’d like it more than Justin’s version, or if I wouldn’t like either. Basically I’ve been too cheap to plunk down money on either in case I hate it. Now chocolate peanut butter is pure heaven. 102

    84. I love this. And as a mother to two boys, I must agree that they are quite amazing. I always thought I would do better with my girls, but my boys help me grow in ways I never imagined. Thanks for being an awesome teacher!

    85. Hi Angie,thank you for sharing this beautiful and incredibly flavor-filled salad on last week's Fresh Food Friday/Seasonal Saturday. I was delighted to feature it today in this week's edition of Fresh Food Friday and hope that you can stop by and share another great recipe of yours!

    86. CBs are bigger, but my boy is smaller than my girl. Both are giving me the same result right now, so I really don’t have a preference, except that I can stuff the CB bigger at night, and my little guy is a much heavier wetter than my girl was.[]

    87. "And again apropos silence if you don't have Fox News, or read bloggs from the right this story hardly made a ripple in the "mainstream" media, written or televized, as if it was just a storm in a cup of tea. It did not penetrate even the 10% layer of America."Oh Poppy Cock! I read about it in the New York Times, and heard about it from several other media sources that are not blatantly biased from the right.

    88. Thank you I will keep up my workout routine and make it more challenging…I will up my calories a little on my workout days and eat less on my days off and hopefully I will see the results.

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    141. You know, it occurs to me that, as a kid, I was always more intent on discovering all the cool ways to die than on getting through to the happy ending… With that in mind I suppose that, from now on, I’ll have to vote for whatever seems most likely to send people down the path to spiritual death (or physical death, depending on the situation).

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    166. "Look, without disagreeing with anything else you've said here, go back to, say, 1880 and tell me what Jews could have done any differently."How about assimilate? Quit being an out-group.Half Sigma is busy trying to argue that Jews are White (White European is what I think he means) precisely because Jews are and have been for a very long time a separate group.Obviously, then, it's very likely that such an out-group (any out-group) will have different interests from the main group.

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    168. i like Horace but his recent estimates have not been very accurate at all and I would not rely on them in the future.I see no effort at a detailed P & L analysis that I would feel is credible.See my very detailed response about 45 min ago to one of your earlier posts and you will see what I mean.Regards, EBR