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Interview with Jay Kordich – Part Four Meeting President John F. Kennedy

[This is Part Four of a five part series of interviews with Jay Kordich]


From 1949 through the 1980s Jay Kordich traveled across the country demonstrating juicers and educating people about the health-giving properties of fresh vegetable and fruit juices.

It’s 1963 and Jay is demonstrating at a store in Washington D.C. when he is told President Kennedy’s office called the store, asking to find out when Jay would be making juices.

Next thing you know, The President came to see and learn for himself about fresh juices and sampled many different juice combinations Jay made for him. The very next day the White House called again, only this time they ordered 40 juicers from Jay.

Watch the video and see Jay tell us what transpired so many years ago.

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