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Interview with Jay Kordich – Part Two Cancer Diagnosis & Gerson Therapy

[This is Part Two of a Five Part Series of interviews with Jay Kordich.]

In today’s interview we learn Jay was diagnosed with cancer in his early 20s. He tells us about deciding to follow Dr. Max Gerson’s therapy and takes us through the plan itself. After overcoming his illness, Jay says he found his calling in life – to travel the country demonstrating juicers and teaching us how simple and effective it can be to take charge of our own health with freshly made juice.

Jay Kordich will be 90 years old this summer. Known as The Father Of Juicing, Jay’s knowledge about nutrition, how the body works and juicing in particular has been the foundation of his life’s work from the 1950s right up to today.

Here is Jay’s interview Part Two – Cancer Diagnosis and Gerson Therapy.

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