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Migraine Headache Relief

Juicing has totally changed my life!  I met Jay and Linda in Costa Mesa, CA in December of 2011 at a dinner party. I sat next to Linda and she shared with me about juicing. I came home and ordered the Power Grind Pro and decided I was sick of being sick… I had suffered from migraine headaches for 20+ years. This caused a spiral in my health, physical and mental.

I had become depressed because I was in pain every day.  My headaches had gotten worse and more frequent.  I had a headache every day of my life for about 4 years. I couldn’t sleep in my bed because when I would wake up I couldn’t walk and my whole body was in pain. I slept on the couch for about 2 years because it was the only place I could get comfortable. I was overweight and just wanted to sit around and not do much of anything except try and make it through the day.  I was short with my kids and felt tired and angry all the time. Pain will do that to you.  I tried to get motivated and lose weight.  Nothing worked.

After hearing Jay speak and other’s testimonials about how he helped to improve their health when doctors couldn’t, I decided to try the same. I began doing research and read one of Charlotte Gerson’s books. It talked about how Dr. Gerson began his therapy to get rid of his migraines. I started juicing every day and using the recipes in Live Foods Live Bodies. It has totally changed my life.

I have lost almost 50lbs.  I am in the best shape of my life. I have not had a migraine or even a headache since December of 2011. I can now sleep in my own bed and wake up feeling great. I work out almost every day and have started doing triathlons. I completed my first one on Mother’s Day 2012 and plan to do my second one this Saturday. I have so much energy and feel great.

I have been to many doctors, have had epidural injections in my neck, taken lots of medication, spent many days in bed because I couldn’t get rid of the pain.  Juicing has given me my life back!

Maria M, Spring Hill Kansas