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Quick Start to Weight Loss with Jay Kordich

It’s that time of year when many of us want to lose 4 or 5 pounds, or 10 to 20, or even higher amounts of body weight. While there are many ways to go about it, we would suggest that the most important aspect of your weight loss program should be that it’s done with overall health in mind. Otherwise you could lose a few pounds, only to gain them back in short order. What good is that?

To help you achieve your weight loss goal, whatever the amount, we have brought together what we believe to be a fast and efficient program that includes the plan, the protein, the enzymes and the motivation from Jay himself. It’s called Jay’s 7-Day Jumpstart to Healthy Weight Loss Program.

Raw – Vegan – Organic – Hemp & Brown Rice Protein Formula

One of the best plans of attack for any weight loss program is by making sure you are using top quality supplement products that can aid in the process of getting you to your weight goal. High quality protein should be foremost in any healthy plan. Our program includes Jay’s Complete Protein with Vanilla. This is a 100% raw, vegan protein that is formulated to easily mix with fresh juice or be blended into delicious smoothie recipes. Click this link for more info.

High Potency – Full Spectrum Enzyme Formula

Helping your body do it’s job more efficiently by taking an enzyme supplement is also recommended. Our own special combination is called LiveZymes. It’s a multi-enzyme formula that compliments your weight loss program. LiveZymes when taken with you daily meals aid in digestion and allow you to receive the full nutritional benefits from the foods you eat. It’s a plant based, vegetarian, full spectrum – high potency formula, delivering that extra boost to your digestive system. Click this link for more info.

Fast – Effective – Healthy Weight Loss Plan

It’s also important to have a road map – a plan of action that is simple and effective. That’s where Jay’s 7-Day Jumpstart to Healthy Weight Loss comes in.  This informative guide will lead you step-by-step to meet your weight loss goal. It is full of delicious and healthy recipes, tips, meal plans and Jay’s famous nutritional secrets to easily shed pounds and have more energy. Specific juice recipes tested for maximum weight-loss are the centerpiece of Jay’s program. It’s a PDF ebook you can download as soon as you order.

 Jay Kordich Audio – Lose Weight and Lower Cholesterol

To help you get in the weight loss groove, we include one of the 12 chapters from Jay’s Audio Series, How to Lose Weight and Lower Cholesterol the All-Natural Way. You’ll learn how to quickly and permanently lose weight through a regimen of fresh juicing. Jay also explains which juices are the absolute safest and fastest way to lower your cholesterol naturally by drinking just one glass of juice a day. Download this audio chapter the instant you order.

All together these products represent the best choice to jumpstart your weight loss in 2013. To make the decision even easier we’ve discounted the price to the lowest level we ever offered for these products. Regularly offered at $79.95, this complete program is now available to you for only $49.95 plus shipping.

It’s all here, everything you need to lose those extra pounds and improve your health at the same time. What could be easier?  Order now and get started today.  Click here or the graphic below to order.



Superior Raw Vegan Protein from Jay Kordich

After teaching the world for over 65 years about the Power of Juicing, Jay Kordich presents his new powerhouse line of superior living food, super-food supplements. This new line of products provide better-than-organic quality for you and your family.

Jay’s Complete Protein is High Quality & Bioavailable

Today we introduce Jay’s Complete Protein. It’s 100% raw and 100% vegan. Regardless of your diet choices, lifestyle and ethics, whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or an overstressed Mom or Dad, the is the best performing protein supplement you can buy. But we didn’t stop there, you also get phytonutrient benefits that far outweigh products with isolated proteins.

Specifically formulated by the great super-nutrient researcher Dr. Jameth Sheridan, this protein powder is a cutting edge Vegan Protein. Here is what Dr. Sheridan tells us about Jay’s Complete Protein:

“Most protein formulations you think of as body building or sports nutritional supplements and they can have a positive effect there, although most protein supplements are formulated based on performance only and not nutrition.  Jay’s Complete Protein is totally different; it’s the highest performing protein supplement you can possibly consume, made with nutrition in mine as well.

Some plant protein products as incomplete protein; that’s not the case here. One of the unique things about Jay’s Complete Protein is it’s completely plant based, so it’s non-toxic and it’s also an absolutely complete protein.  There’s every amino acid in the optimum ratio for the human body in this product without any toxicity.

All Amino Acids Optimally Balanced Vegan & Organic

Dr. Sheridan continues, “It contains NON-GMO organic brown rice protein from sprouted brown rice as the base, which is a complete protein unto itself.  The sprouting makes it extremely bioavailable and it’s also organic. It also contains high quality, organic Hemp Protein.

We’ve also included milk thistle seed which helps to protect and regenerate both the liver and the kidneys. Nopal cactus has been added to help with heat shock proteins for endurance and to strengthen stamina.  Digestive Enzymes that are plant based have also been added for a complete protein supplement system.  It’s really more of a protein food.

Although Jay’s Complete Protein Powder is a completely non-toxic hardcore, healthy, nutritionally therapeutic protein powder, it doesn’t skimp on taste and flavor. It’s great in a smoothie and helps to balance blood sugar. We truly believe it’s the best protein product you can possibly consume.”

Click on this link to order Jay’s Complete Protein at a special introductory price for a limited time only.