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Immediate Versus Long Term Benefits

Copyright University of St Andrews

Many times it is difficult to motivate people, ourselves included, when we talk about benefits “down the road”. Whether the discussion is about finances or exercise or in this case, nutritional benefits, when it is required to wait years to see the results of our choices, it becomes much more difficult to motivate us to make the changes needed. Below is information that is very refreshing in this regard.

Copyright University of St Andrews

A new study conducted at the University of St Andrews is showing that eating just two extra portions of fruit and vegetables per day created a very noticable change in skin color within only six weeks.

The scientists admit the purpose of the study was to see if research would be successful showing the more shorter-term benefits of eating a healthier diet. Even they appeared to be surprised by how good the results turned out.

“Most of us know we should eat plenty of fruit and veg, yet we are not sufficiently motivated to actually go ahead and eat a healthy diet”, said St Andrews researcher Ross Whitehead. He continues,  “Government strategies aimed at improving diet typically only offer information about why a healthy diet is good for us. We hope that by highlighting the rapidly achievable benefits of a healthy diet on our attractiveness will be a stronger incentive for people to eat more healthily. Knowing you are going to look more attractive in a few weeks may be more persuasive than the promise of health benefits later in life.”     How true!  Vanity can be powerful motivation.

Jay Kordich, the father of Juicing would be quick to point out that consuming just one glass of freshly made vegetable juice on a daily basis would be an easy way to fulfill the requirements of this study.

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