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Feeling the Winter Blues and Seeing the Winter Greys?

Here are 5 sure fire ways to get the sun back into your life, even if there isn’t any!

Since Linda and I live in the Pacific Northwest, we certainly do get our share of the gloomy, dark, cold and wet winters. We have learned to do a few things that have truthfully helped us beat these blues.

Our human body needs vitamin D in order to assimilate calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other important minerals. Without the vitamin D we also may become depressed and moody, even if our natural personalities are sunny.  It’s inevitable.

Because Linda and I are vegans, we get great vitamin D sources from these sources:  mushrooms, sunflower seeds and green plants. Please remember that when we are juicing, we are also getting vitamin D from the green plants as they go through the process of photosynthesis. This is where we get our chlorophyll from, and this is how the plant life is getting its Vitamin D. If you are not a vegetarian, you can easily get Vitamin D from some animal products, but even so, non vegetarians and vegans may not be getting as much as they need to get us through the darkest months of the year.

Herbs for Vitamin D
Alfalfa, nettles, horsetail and parsley all have vitamin D in them. We suggest you juice the alfalfa and parsley along with carrots, beets with their greens and add a few apples for taste if you want a powerhouse hit of usable vitamin D. Horsetail is better used as a supplement and nettles can be found in the early spring. However alfalfa and parsley can usually be found year round.

5 sure fire tips to get you back into the sunshine!

1 – Take a natural vitamin D3 supplement. Some experts say to take 6,000 units a day, but if you are juicing regularly and eating mushrooms and sunflower seeds along with eating a diet high in green plant life, then we suggest only 2,000 units.

2 – Drink a large Green Tonic daily* (see below for the recipe).  Take the vitamin D3 supplement along with the Green Tonic because it has a boat load of natural calcium and magnesium.

3 - Take a 20 minute walk daily, even if it’s snowy, rainy or just down right cold. It’s crucial you do this because even though the sun is not shining, you are still receiving some rays. Plus it’s important to the brain to feel the fresh air and it’s vitally important to get exercise daily during these gloomy months of wintertime.

4 – Try to find a full spectrum light such as:  Verilux lamps which really do help us receive more full spectrum lighting, which ultimately helps our thymus and pituitary glands and our eyes if we sit by one for an hour or so a day.

5 - Eat less carbohydrate foods such as bread, crackers, cookies, chips and sugar. These foods pack on the pounds and do not help us get through the winter months successfully. We recommend a good protein snacks during the day and high protein, low fat meals, such as mushroom soup along with a Super Green Salad and juices on a daily basis.

Our Sunshine Tonics

(The recipes below make enough for two)

Sunshine Juice: (Juicer)
This is a rainbow of colors, (kissed by the sun’s rays) and helps everybody get out of the funk they feel when it’s cold, dark and rainy outside.

10 Carrots
4 large leaves Swiss Chard
Handful of Parsley
1 Beet
1 Red Bell Pepper
2 Apples (red)

Sunshine Tonic: (Blender).
This Sunshine Tonic also helps us lose weight. We recommend you drink this tonic in the mornings.  Forget the coffee!  Coffee will not help you whatsoever, to live a long and vibrant life.  These smoothies add nutrients to every tissue in your body, bringing oxygen as well as delivering the yet identified properties from the life force of these plants to you so that you feel the surge of energy within you as progress throughout your day.  THIS is how I have lived my life effectively and successfully for the past 63 years or so I have been teaching the powers of plant life.

Fill your blender up with purified water.
add three ripe bananas
1/2 cup Sunflower Seeds
now blend

Stop the blender and add:
2 tsp. spirulina powder
2 tbsp. vegan protein powder
2 tbsp. Vitamineral Green (from Healthforce Nutritionals)

Let us know!
Post a comment below. Linda and I always like to hear feedback from you about our recipes and food plans. We’ve done years of research to help us be able to pass along this information and we hope it works for you as much as it does for us.

Next time we want to pass along Linda’s fantastic Mushroom Soup recipe. Make sure to visit our blog in the future for that recipe and many others to come.